Sophie Long

Hometown: South Boston

Major: Exercise Science

Why Theta Phi: My case was a bit of an interesting one! I was randomly placed in a townhouse with a lot of the Theta Phi girls and I saw what they stood for and absolutely loved it!

Lauren McKenney

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Spring, TX

Why Theta Phi?: I rushed theta phi because of how kind and genuine all the girls are! I felt welcomed right away and saw how much of a family everyone is.

Lyanne Murphy

hometown: Everett, Massachusetts 

major: Biology

why theta phi?: I chose theta phi because all of the girls made me feel at home and welcomed!

Skye Scott

Hometown: Salem, MA

Major: Communications & media with a minor in Digital media production 

Why Theta Phi?: I felt as though I could relate to the girls and that we all had similar goals. I also really enjoyed the concept of the philanthropy, it’s a wonderful cause that I resinated with.

Julia Cohen

Major: Psychology 

Hometown: Canton, MA

Why I chose theta phi: I chose theta phi because of how welcoming and kind the girls were and I really love their philanthropy!

Jillian Besser

hometown: North Scituate, Rhode Island 

major: Nursing 

why theta phi?: I chose theta phi alpha because the girls were all so welcoming, passionate about their philanthropy, and motivated in their own lives it felt like the right place for me. I’m so excited to be part of this family!!

Sonia Scarfo

hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts 

major: Business Administration 

why theta phi?: I chose theta phi because all of the girls were so sweet and welcoming. I think the relationships and memories created with these girls will last forever!

Ashley Cocchiaro

major: Biology and Education

hometown: Andover, MA

why theta phi?: the girls were all so welcoming and sweet! They made me feel comfortable and like i was at home :) they also had so much passion for their philanthropy

Kristina Poulakis

major: Nursing

hometown: Dedham, MA

why theta phi?: I chose theta phi because all the girls were so welcoming during recruitment and I knew I’d love to be apart of the sisterhood!

Nia Renzi

hometown: Essex, Massachusetts 

major: Environmental Science

why theta phi?: i chose theta phi because i knew i would feel right at home and not feel different because of my alopecia, and i can’t wait to make unforgettable bonds with everyone (:

Kaitlynn Murphy

hometown: Natucket, Massachusetts 

major: Business with a concentration in Marketing

why theta phi?: i chose theta phi because everyone was so welcoming and kind, i felt apart of their family instantly.

Ella Charpentier

major: Biology

hometown: Scarborough, MA

why theta phi?: I have wanted to rush theta phi since my first week at Merrimack. All the girls are so kind and welcoming!

Lorena Corbelli 

major: Biology and Secondary Education 

hometown: Everett, MA

why theta phi?: I had previously checked out the Instagram and had fallen in love but when I finally was able to meet and talk to the girls I knew it was the place for me. I knew these girls would become my family!

Marykate Spendley

major: Business

hometown: Walpole, MA

why theta phi?: i choose theta phi, because all the girls were so sweet and friendly, and i felt at home right away!!

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