Theta Phi Alpha serves the value justice through its members. Our organization is built on women empowering one another. There are a variety of ways to get involved whether it is an executive board or chair position. This allows you to play a key role in our sorority. Through these positions you can use your ideas and create positive impacts you never thought would be possible.



Theta Phi Alpha values each member's passion for education, knowledge, and achievement. It is critical to our success that we learn to evaluate choices and to utilize wisdom in our decision making. Even if you graduate, Theta Phi offers many ways for girls to stay in touch with the chapter and with each other. 



Theta Phis cherish life-long friendships rooted in kindness, love, and respect for one another. We believe in the concept of Watchcare - a tenet of our sisterhood which encourages support of one another through the good times and the bad, whether helping one another with academics or providing much needed support during a rough time.



Theta Phis lead by example and strive for continuous, innovative improvement. We learn the value of truth by being true to each other and to our common ideals. Truth can help change a life, make someone smile, or impact a community. Members continue to be devoted and connected with sisters throughout college and beyond. 



Theta Phi supports those in need through service and philanthropy. We share a passion for helping one another and our surrounding communities. We grow in our timeless rituals, our sisterhood, lifelong friendships, and our commitment to honor and cherish the values of Theta Phi Alpha.